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About CelTeq

CelTeq-HPC (High Performance Communications) began in 2006 as a Communication Engineering Solutions Company, focusing initially on the rapid growth of WiFi.  This growth created a demand for a problem-solving “solutions-based” company with an emphasis of supporting various industry verticals with their communications needs.

Building Communications Backbone
CelTeq’s approach is to prepare the buildings for not only the current communications requirements but to provide the backbone for enhancement in the future, including WiFi Calling and 5G.

With the focus on communications, CelTeq developed the highest level expertise in both WiFi and the issues surrounding Cellular Communications for building owners, developers and funding sources.  The timeliness of this natural evolution has positioned CelTeq to be the leader in both Cellular and WiFi communications.  With the introduction of WiFi Calling into the product mix, CelTeq’s knowledge and experience in both cellular and WiFi has allowed for a combined expertise that is unsurpassed in the industry.

CelTeq’s approach has been to develop cost-effective solutions addressing the unique needs associated with each property.  With this approach, CelTeq has developed a unique approach to their customers which involves the utilization of a proprietary combination of product mixes to meet their customers’ issues.

With the changes in the cellular carriers’ offerings and the extremely high demand by tenants of property owners for strong connectivity, CelTeq has been the ‘go-to’ choice for the right solution, including WiFi, WiFi calling, Cellular Connectivity and the new Public Safety/First Responder changes, requirements and mandates that are rapidly moving across the nation from state to state.

Industry Verticals Served by CelTeq:

• Multi-Family Dwelling Units (MDU’s) including High-Rise structures

• Commercial Buildings

• Hospitality including hotels and resorts (e.g. Marriott)

• Educational Facilities

• Warehouses, Manufacturing and other commercial facilities

• Marine Communication Solutions

• Hospitals and Medical Complexes

• Government Facilities

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